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Flat parking

2 to 4 tons are OK! Flat parking with no height restrictions!

  • The hotel features a short distance from the parking lot to the guest rooms. In addition, if you let us know that you have a lot of luggage in advance, we will prepare a room as close as possible to the hotel entrance.

    【Parking Fee】
    Available from 11:00 on the day of check-in (Reservation required・Free entry and exit)
    ●From ordinary cars to 2-ton trucks・・・¥ 1,000 / night
    ●Large car(More than 2 tons long car)・・・※¥ 2,000 / night ~
    ●3 ton truck cars to 4 ton truck cars, unic cars, buses, etc. can also be parked.
    ●There is no parking height limit.

    ※Charges vary depending on the type and size of the car.
    Please call for details.

Craftsmen are welcome! Nagoya contractors looking for an inn in Nagoya

Reasons why our hotel is supported by craftsmen

1. Convenient location

  • The Ozone area, where our hotel is located, is also called the "north gateway to Nagoya".Please use our hotel which is easily accessible when you perform construction in the Higashi Ward, Nagoya City, Chikusa Ward, Kita Ward and Moriyama Ward area of Higashi Ward, Nagoya City.
    Also, compared to the center of Nagoya city (Meieki / Sakae, Kanayama area), there is less congestion such as commuting rush in the morning and congestion, so it can be used by contractors constructed in the Meito Ward, Minami Ward, Midori Ward area There are many cases.

2. Flat parking without height restrictions

  • In flat parking lots with no height restrictions, not only HIACE but also 2- to 4-ton trucks can be parked.Because it is close to the room from the parking lot, even if you come back tired, you can immediately rest in the room.

3. An unassuming front desk

  • This hotel may not be a new hotel. However, we have a good reputation for the friendly front desk and friendly cleaning at every corner. At our hotel, we care about a cozy atmosphere, and every day, we invite you to spend your time in a peace of mind as if you were coming back to your home. Welcome back. "I am greeted." Please spend a pleasant time at City Hotel Dome.

Thanks to you, there are many craftsmen who use our hotel repeatedly.

We hope you will consider using City Hotel Dome once. The hotel staff awaits you sincerely.